507.786.3814 disco@stolaf.edu

A space for the creative application of technology in learning, teaching and research.

Specialized Software

A dozen workstations and a computer lab equipped with media production and design software.

Staff Assistance

Instructional Technology staff and Digital Scholarship Interns on hand to assist with technology and consult on projects.

Video & Audio Recording

Reservable audio and video recording spaces.

3D and Wide-format Printing

3D Printing (up to 5 cu. in.), Wide-Format Poster Printing and design services are available.

Hours & Location

Staffed Hours:   M-Th  10-5, 7-9           Fri  10-5            Sun  1-5, 7-9

Located on the 4th floor of Rolvaag Memorial Library, common spaces in the DiSCO will be available during library open hours. Printing and audio/video rooms will be open during staffed hours, when Instructional Technologists and Digital Scholarship Interns are available to provide training and consultations.