Widgets are options to put on your blog, for example, a search bar, a calendar. They can add helpful options to your site but they can also clutter your site by filling up the side bars. To add or take away widgets, go under appearance – widgets. Then for each side bar under your theme you can choose and organize widgets by click-and-drag. Feel free to add and remove as many widgets as you like, but we suggest for your homepage that blog related widgets are kept off (post a comment, recents comments, etc.)

Here’s a helpful guide for removing or editing your widget options:

To Move The Blog to A Different Page

If you would like to remove the blog entirely, leave the list labeled “Posts page:” blank. However, if you would like to have a blog on your site, choose the specific page that you would like to contain the blog here. (Keep in mind that anything you have on the chosen page will be covered up by the blog, so ensure that the page is blank before selecting it as the new blog page.)

To Remove/Replace Unnecessary Blog Widgets

  1. Hover over “Settings” in the left hand column and choose “Widgets.”
  2. You will see a list of “Available Widgets” front and center and the widgets currently being used in the right column under the label “Sidebar.”
  3. To remove the blog widgets, drag them out of the sidebar and into the “Available Widgets” section.
  4. These widgets can then be replaced with useful widgets such as the “Text” or “Slidedeck 2 Widget” by dragging them from the “Available Widgets” section into the “Sidebar” section.

To Disable Widgets Entirely (Have Full-Width Pages)

  1. Click “Pages” in the left hand column of options.
  2. Click the page you would like to remove the unnecessary widgets from.
  3. On the right side of the page, under “Page Attributes”, choose “Full-Width Page” for the “Template.”

RH & JF ’13