Tables are very useful for organizing information. Sadly, WordPress tables aren’t very user friendly. Lets get started by adding the “Table Controls Dropdown Button” in Ultimate TinyMCE row 3.

When first creating a table you can select how many rows & columns you want, spacing, and padding. But when you press insert, it may look like only one column appears. Don’t worry, your columns are there. Click around and type inside the table and you will find where your columns begin. At the moment, there just aren’t any horizontal lines visually separating them. While you type your table will re-size itself to fit whatever you put inside. Your first table might look something like this:

This is the first cell. This is the second cell.
Etc. Etc.

Now lets start tweaking our table. Click into a specific cell (any cell will do) and go to the drop down menu part of the table button. Click “Table Cell Properties.” From here you can do all number of things.

1. Go to “Advanced” and select a border color. (After you add the border by following these steps, you can come back here to “Style” to adjust the border’s width.)
2. Return to the “General” tab and from the bottom left drop down menu select: Update all Cells in Table.
3. Press update!

Your table will now look like this:

This is the first cell. This is the second cell.
Etc. Etc.

More Features

Some other things you can change using the “Table Cell Properties” is the specific alignment, background color, and width of a cell, row, column, or table. Changing the width might allow you to do something like this:

Title The Catcher in the Rye

Note: Values like width and height can be entered as percentages which is slightly easier to imagine in your head than 300px or something. But using a number may help you be more precise.

From table properties you can adjust the thickness/color of your external border and the entire table’s width like so:

Cell A Cell B

In the table button drop down menu there are other handy buttons like: insert row/column before or after and merge/split cells.

If you’re having trouble with a table not looking quite right, you might want to inspect it using the “text” part of WordPress instead of “visual.” Also, because the table auto-adjusts to whatever changes you make, you might have to apply your changes to an entire column or row for them to take affect.

Good luck table making!

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