Organizing the order of your menu (of all your pages and subpages) can be annoying using the Page Attributes section, found on the right hand side of the text box, while you are editing a page. If you have many pages and a specific order you want them to be in, I suggest creating a menu under Appearance- Menus. Both ways are explained below.

From Appearance:

  1. Go to Appearance – Menus and create a menu, I’m usually creative and call it “Menu.”
  2. Add all your pages to the menu by dragging and dropping them in any order you wish. This is a more visual approach and is very simple.
  3. You can easily change a page to be a child page by dragging it under and slightly to the right of the parent page. It will appear indented.
  4. Save your menu.
  5. On the same page under Theme Locations chose your primary navigation to be the menu you just created.

**Important Note: each time you add a new page, you will have to return here and add it to your menu for it to show up. It can get tedious to remember this, so you might want to select “Automatically add new top-level pages” under your menu layout. OR do this step once all your pages have been created.

From Page Attributes:

  1. Change the order of how your page appears on the menu by the Order number you insert.
  2. You can also select if you want the page to be a child page (eg. sub page) under another page by selecting it’s parent page. (The page will drop down when the parent page is hovered over but will not appear on the main menu across the top.)