About Me

Welcome and thank you for visiting my site! My name is Tamsin Olson and I am a member of the St Olaf class of 2021! This site outlines my individual major, titled Musical Theater: Interdisciplinary Performance. This collaborative musical theater major incorporates a multitude of creative skills and artistic disciplines. The music, theater, and dance departments at St Olaf are all wonderful accredited programs and the ability to create an individual major is a unique opportunity. When I learned about the Center for Integrated Studies in my admissions interview, I was sure St Olaf College was the place to complete my undergraduate studies in musical theater. I am grateful for all of the creative opportunities I’ve taken part in at St Olaf, through the performing arts charter high school I attended and in all areas of my life.  Please explore my site to learn more Musical Theater: Interdisciplinary Performance and my journey at St Olaf College.