CIS Portfolio 

Melanie Thompson

Visual Storytelling: Through Film and Animation

Visual Storytelling through Film and Animation is an integrative major aimed at studying the artistic means and historic and theoretical frameworks for visual storytelling. Drawing from courses in studio art, film studies, english,  and theater, the major focuses primarily on the storytelling formats of digital 2D animation, and digital filmmaking in experimental, documentary, and fictional narratives.

My goal in undertaking this major is to learn how to use the compelling forms of time based new media to communicate stories and ideas to wider audiences. I find joy both in researching and crafting an argument, whether it be through scholarship or through narrative allegory, and I find joy in the systematic engineering of a performance. It seemed to me that the best way to bring these two joys together was in a new independent major where I could have the freedom to develop my own projects and draw tangible links between courses and subject material that might otherwise remain implicit.

Guiding Questions

Where do stories come from? How does one create a compelling narrative?

How can images be used to effectively convey narrative; what does the image bring to a story; how can it enhance the story’s message?

What is the process for producing stories in the mediums of film and animation?

How do animation and live action film accomplish the objective of visual storytelling differently?

How can media be used to contribute in a positive way to meaningful dialog on issues in our time?

Original Proposal

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