An integrated and focused program of study combining three cross-disciplinary subject areas of society and cultural studies, management and leadership, and media and communication studies. This major allows me to explore the relationships of these topics through the contradicting perceptions multiple audiences of demographics provide. I hope to gain experience creating and communicating socially conscious media and marketing materials. Through this cultural awareness I recognize that all things are connected, am aware of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis and strive to be conscious of the difficulties and hardships of society. Thus, the historical and varying studies of society will allow me to connect with the media-driven society we live in today.

In order to understand and perform marketing tasks I must gain the ability to interpret the perspectives of multiple audiences across various demographics. Thus, the focus of societal studies within my major becomes a key component. It will create cohesion across the different disciplines of marketing, media and public relations.

This major prepares me for a career centered on professional communications in a wide range of industries and disciplines. Prevailing attitudes in society in the United States and across the globe are shaped by the messages shared in traditional and social media. This is not a new discovery. For centuries, the power of the media has influenced society. What is different today and into the future is the speed at which change can happen and the importance of media in influencing society’s perceptions, attitudes, and ultimately their actions and behaviors. This ensures a course-load full of challenges in the classroom combined with relevant real-world experiences. Coursework that focuses on society will deepen understanding and set a foundation for lifelong interest in the human mind and its impact on the world in which we live. Management coursework provide a wide base in marketing, management, and leadership while exploring the theoretical processes within. Attaining highly developed communication skills is essential and courses in writing, literature, digital studies and public engagement will assure necessary performance in this area. Media studies coursework will study both why and how the media influences society and provide a foundation of knowledge of methods and skills to create and share messages through the mass media.