Welcome to Ethno-Aesthetics and Archaeological Materiality

About Ethno-Aesthetics and Archaeological Materiality and This Web-Portfolio 

This website is the online portfolio for LaMar Gayles’ 19′ CIS major Ethno-Aesthetics and Archaeological Materiality. This field combines methodologies from a variety of disciplines including Art History, Archeology, Ethnic Studies, Geoscience, Archival/Oral History, and Visual Arts. Through studies and comparisons of how creative practices are situated, the student will explore have explored and used methodological and analytical tools from a wide range of disciplines from the humanities and the social sciences. This area of study is deeply interested in how materiality is transformed, e.g. how something that is a simple, everyday object in one place becomes an object virtu or a cultural item in another place. The wide breadth of interdisciplinary courses allows the student to explore the realm of visual and material culture through a wider lens than the sometimes limiting perspectives of conventional disciplines. Ethno-Aesthetics is a field that aims to look at visual and material objects in their proper cultural, social, and ethnic context. Materiality is a discipline in Social Sciences that work to investigate the cultural and social meanings of materials and artifacts. This new discipline will enable to a student who completes it the ability to navigate through cultural aesthetic and material dialogs to understand how objects are situated in artistic, expressive, philosophical, scientific, and social contexts.