JuliAnne Rach: Humanistic Archaeology in the Ancient Mediterranean

JuliAnne in the Campus by the Amphitheater in Pompeii, her site for the 2019 field season with the Ancient Graffiti Project.


The purpose of this major is to study the field of archaeology with a specific focus on how ancient humans, as we encounter them in both text and material remains, have impacted their environment. This major solely focuses on the Mediterranean region of the world and serves only to analyze the effects of ancient peoples. The Humanistic Archaeology major will be text and material culture based, in order to analyze how humans are shaping their world. Humanistic Archaeology serves to answer the question of what it meant to be human at a certain point in time. In order to understand this subject, I will need to learn about the historical background of the Ancient Mediterranean civilizations, specifically the Romans and the Greeks. Also, I will need to develop a thorough understanding of the ancient texts, so that I can understand the Ancient people as they presented themselves. Furthermore, I will work to cultivate the skills of practical archaeology, along with critical analysis.

Relevant Field Work: 

Antiochia ad Cragum Research Intern, July 2018

Ancient Graffiti Project Student Researcher, June and July 2019

For more information on these field experiences, please see the Fieldwork tab here.


Read the full major proposal here: Rach Humanistic Archaeology