Senior Project Description

The final project to be submitted will include a live performance of “A Very Queer Spectacle” which is largely music driven but includes elements of poetry, dance and film. It will be produced in collaboration with a poet, Rosie Nanz, choreographer, Harper Foote, and animator, Melanie Thompson.

The key questions that will drive the project will be “How does one create a cohesive project of this size while maintaining a consistent aesthetic” and similarly, “What is my aesthetic?”. Other questions I’ll be exploring are “How have other people done productions of this caliber?” and “What are the creative processes involved in collaborations between multiple, diverse artistic fields?”.

This project integrates all of my areas of study, particularly music as I will be composing all of the music for the production and also performing vocally and instrumentally. It incorporates all my dance experience and choreography experience in that I will be doing some of the choreography alongside Harper Foote. There will be multiple short films shown throughout the performance either as a standalone short film or as a backdrop for the live performers.

My senior project gives me the opportunity to explore, hands on, what I want to be doing after I graduate. This project will also give me the experience necessary to establish myself as a performance artist.