Hello! You are about to get a lot of healthcare-related information, and I am so excited for you to catch a glimpse about my interests and what I have been fortunate enough to study. My healthcare outlook places a huge emphasis on holistic medicine – seeing the patient for all they are, including environment, support system, lifestyle, etc. Therefore, to honor this perpsective, I think it is only right you get a holistic picture of who I am!

My family currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, but we have lived in Montana and England as well. I will be moving to D.C. in the summer to work as a healthcare advisor for Advisory Board Company. I love to see the possibilities and potentials of situations. I get easily excited about ideas and passions, which is a driving force in my motivation and actions. This individual major is the manifestion of a large idea and passion of mine, and I hope this profolio gets you excited too!

Thank you for visiting my page!