Learning Communities Spring 2015

St. Olaf Learning Communities

Video & Screencasts in Teaching & Research

Session 1: Pedagogical Design of Video Assignments & Project

Thursday, Feb. 26, 12:50-1:45 p.m., RML 250
PDF of presentation
Sample Video Assignment Rubric
Multimedia Manifesto (via Louis Epstein)

Session 2: Pre-Production: Creating Production Plans for Videos & Screencasts

Thursday, March. 12, 12:50-1:45 p.m., RML 250
PDF of presentation

Session 3: Production: Shooting Video or Creating Screencasts

Thursday, April 9, 12:50-1:45 p.m., RML 250

Session 4: Post-Production: Editing & Publishing Video & Screencasts

Thursday, May 7, 12:50-1:45 p.m., RML 250

IT and the Libraries at St. Olaf are sponsoring this learning community series to assist faculty and staff in developing video and screencast projects that could be used for student assignments in courses, faculty online lectures, department or event promotion, and more. Led by Multimedia Instructional Technologist Ben Gottfried, the sessions will be a mix of discussion about pedagogy and project design as well as hands-on practice. This learning community is open to those who are just starting to think about video or screencast projects and those who already have some experience. The sessions will be staffed by several instructional technologists and librarians who will contribute to the discussion and provide one-on-one support to faculty and staff participants.

Carleton Learning Communities

Digital Assignments
  • Digital Assignments: Planning
    Thursday, March 5, 12:00-1:00 p.m., Gould Library 344
  • Digital Assignments: Evaluating
    Date, time, and location to be announced
  • Digital Assignments: Showcasing
    Date, time, and location to be announced