My Approach

Because my aim is to use biomimicry as a path toward a more sustainable architecture, I aim to approach a design looking to biology, identifying structural problems and needs, and looking for answers in nature. My main focus is toward an organism level. My reason to this is the fact that organisms that remain on Earth are to some extent survivors to the constant changes of our environment. Organisms give us an extensive pool of examples that have addressed problems that our society is currently experiencing, and they serve as a resource to understand the changes and consequences of human activities on environment.

Mimicking an organism alone without also mimicking how it relates to its ecosystem, however, could lead to conventional designs without significant positive impact in an specific environment. Looking solely at organisms could translate into innovative building technologies without exploring sustainability of a given environment to its maximum. This is why, while following an organism level approach, I wish to design based on the environment in where the structure would take place, and let the larger context determine the organism to be mimicked.