The BioTower

The BioTower design by Dennis Dollens is based on the idea of branch structures. These structures -asymmetrical trusses- demonstrate the idea of clustered skins that stabilize and strengthen  branching struts, supporting membranes from yucca blades (leaves).  The physical appearance of the façade was thought from the observation of leaves as a series of branch panels with an origami-like folded paper skin.

The BioTower uses a series of components:

  • sensor nodes with leaf-cluster systems for air filtration & ventilation,
  • sound baffling
  • heat-light control

Dollens’ work looks at natural designs such as trees, flowers, leaves and seeds and uses computation to translate these structures into forms that can be used for structural design. Dollens believes in the great power of nature and this is why he is actively testing his approach ‘to explore forms, shapes, connections, as well as biological properties from the natural world’.