The Mobius Project

The Mobius Project encourages interconnection of inputs and outputs in the form of a closed loop model. It brings together infrastructural activities that we have became accustomed to be separate and mono-functional from each other.

The Mobius Project puts together:

  • A productive greenhouse
  • A restaurant serving local food from the greenhouse
  • A fish farm
  • A food market
  • A wormery composting system
  • Mushroom cultivation using coffee grains
  • An anaerobic digester and biomass CHP
  • A “Living Machine” water system
  • Artificial limestone from CO2 waste

The most innovative aspect of the Mobius Project is that it integrates food production, energy generation, and water treatment in a synergistic cycle. The building is capable to handle most of the biodegradable waste from local urban areas using composting and anaerobic technologies.

This project could help generating a sense of community and reconnecting people with food while addressing many of the infrastructural requirements of sustainable living in urban areas. It is an ongoing project by Exploration Technology.