Welcome to the Ole Admissions Blog

Velkommen! I’m excited to have you here. My name is Maggie Matson, and I graduated from St. Olaf College in 2008 with a double degree in American Studies and Studio Art. As an admissions officer, part of my job is helping students navigate the exciting – though yes, overwhelming – college search. I love to stir up excitement for this place here and on the road; meet fascinating high school students from my territory; and ultimately solidify classes filled with Oles so creative, intelligent, and versatile I’m constantly in awe. The same sentiments are true of the rest of our admissions office staff here on The Hill.

Right now, St. Olaf students are settling into their second week of Interim. During the month of January, students take one course, on campus or off-campus – students study all over the world, from math in Budapest and art/biology in the Caribbean to religion in South Africa and education in Hawaii. Those of us on campus always eagerly await the stories (and photos) from our students after they return and adjust to Ole life once again.

In the admissions office, we are equally as busy! If you’re a high school senior and hope to be an Ole next year, you’re probably aware of our application deadline: Saturday, January 15 for both Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision. You’ll want to look for an upcoming post from my colleague, Miriam Samuelson, where she’ll expose the trip your application takes from its arrival to when decisions are mailed. Also to come on this blog: fun events on campus, updates from our office, and stories from current students – like Leah Pye ’13, who is living in a flat with other Oles and studying theater in London. I know, it sounds rough, right?

The end of the day has come, and now I’m off to enjoy a hoagie from Hogan Brothers down on Division Street… and I’ll probably wash it down with a latte from Goodbye Blue Monday Coffeehouse. That’s another thing – I’m a Northfield nerd, and proud of it, so expect to hear all about our awesome town in the future.

Oh, and one more thing: “Ole” is pronounced “OH-lee” (like guacamOLE, or holy moly, etc).  Prospective students who master the correct pronunciation  gain major respect points from Admissions Officers.