Apr 14-18

Monday, April 14

No Seminar

Tuesday, April 15

Physics: Film “Copenhagen”
A 2002 PBS adaptation of the play by Michael Frayn, staring Stephen Rae as Neils Bohr, Daniel Craig as Werner Heisenberg and Francesca Annis as Margrethe Bohr.

Inspired by actual events, Copenhagen revolves around a 1941 meeting between Niels Bohr of Denmark and Werner Heisenberg of Germany. Long ago, Heisenberg had been Bohr’s student and the two had developed some of the key insights of modern physics together. Now, they find themselves on opposite sides of World War II, with Heisenberg in charge of the German atomic program. Heisenberg makes a secret trip to see the Bohr’s but the details of their discussions are unclear. What were the reasons for the trip, what did they discuss and what conclusions, if any did they reach.

7:00 pm, Viking Theater


Wednesday, April 16

Chemistry: Distinction Seminars
Cassandra Rickertson ‘14

How alcohol consumption makes your liver fat: Phosphatidylethanolamine increases perilipin 2 binding to lipid droplets
Lipid droplets are organelles responsible for storing and releasing fat upon cellular demand.  Heavy alcohol consumption results in a large increase in fat storage in the liver. My work focused on proposing a model to explain how alcohol consumption is linked to this increase in fat storage.

Christine Nervig ‘14  and Peter Waller –14
Title: Palladium Catalyzed C-H Arylation with Phenolic Electrophiles
Abstract: A method for the palladium catalyzed intramolecular arylation of aromatic C-H bonds using phenolic electrophiles is presented. This transformation allows for the efficient synthesis of various heterocyclic motifs including furans, carbazoles, indoles, and lactams. Additionally, a protocol for the one-pot sequential tosylation/arylation of phenol derivatives is reported.
7:00 p.m. RNS 310

Physics:  2D Materials and Molecular Interfaces for Energy and Electronics
James Johns, PhD, Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Minnesota
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm, RNS 210

Thursday, April 17

Chemistry Seminar:
Dr. Yuemei Zhang
Department of Chemistry Iowa State University
Applicant Chemistry Position
“From Electron spin to magnetism”
3:00 refreshments, 3:15 seminar will begin RNS 310

Seminar: Preparing for the Next Generation Science Standards:  Role of Scientists and Science Educators
Gillian Roehrig, PhD, Associate Director, STEM Education Center, Associate Professor, Science Education, University of Minnesota
11:00 am – 12:00 pm, RNS 310

Physics:  Alumni Career Panel
Heidi Edmonson ’96, Scott Nelson ’83, Casey Rutherford ’04, Nick Rydberg ’08
4:30-5:30 pm, RNS 210
Pizza & networking session to follow

PsychologyAnimal Assisted Therapy
Patti Anderson, therapy animal trainer at the Animal Humane Society
8:00 pm, RNS 410

Friday, April 18

No Seminar

Saturday, April 19

Phenology Walk: join the St. Olaf student naturalists for a walk around the St. Olaf Natural Lands.
2:00 p.m. – Meet outside the Science Library.