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Schedule of Events – Fall Semester

2 – 3pm   How to search the new library catalog and “article discovery”

Take a practical tour through Catalyst, the brand-new catalog and gateway to articles. We’ll practice the most efficient ways of searching to find what you need and to harness the discovery powers of the new tool.


2 – 3pm   Podcasting and Audio Assignments

Learn about methods for having your students engage in your course content differently by drawing on the sonic possibilities of voice, music, sound effects and ambient sound to turn a thesis, story or essay into an audio podcast.

3-4 pm   How to use EndNote to manage, organize and share your sources

RML 492, DiSCO Classroom
Use EndNote to manage your research: We’ll practice how to organize your references, built and format bibliographies, download citations from your favorite databases directly to EndNote, collect full-text PDFs in one click, and share your research with colleagues and students.

2 – 3pm   Introduction to Active Learning Platform

IT staff at St. Olaf and Carleton are collaborating on campus-wide roll-outs of a new Active Learning Platform. This tool offers a means for faculty and students to easily create and share video and/or audio-based course content and assignments. Record a screencast of your test or assignment feedback and drop it in Moodle, or have your language students record themselves delivering oral exercises and share with the class – the possibilities abound with this new platform.

2 – 3pm  How to navigate basic questions about copyright, fair use and Creative Commons licenses

Copyright, fair use, public domain and Creative Commons licenses are essential yet murky concepts to understand. In this session, we’ll walk through real-life examples and generate practical tools you can use when questions about copyright arise in your teaching and research.

2 – 3pm  Using the video studio – video based assignments

Come see how easy it is to record short flipped classroom content, a video greeting for your Moodle course, or to get ideas for how  your students can use this new video studio for digital assignments.

2 – 3pm How can Elevator, the college’s new digital repository, support your teaching?

Elevator is the college’s new digital repository. It’s ideal for describing, searching, and sharing teaching materials that don’t fit well in Google Drive or other platforms. Learn how to create an Elevator collection, embed Elevator files in Moodle, and use Elevator to support your teaching.

Spring Semester

2 – 3pm   Advanced features of Moodle

Moodle can be more than just a place to share your syllabus. Learn about features and tools to have your students engage in the material and interact with classmates outside of class, including Choice, Forum, Chat, Journal, Wiki, Quiz, Feedback and Workshop activities.


2 – 3pm   How to understand open access and alternative form of scholarly publishing

New forms of publishing offer opportunities to present and disseminate scholarship in exciting ways. Together, we’ll explore open access and born-digital publishing platforms, examine how these approaches might benefit scholars and students, and consider the challenges associated with these alternative formats.

2 – 3pm   Data Visualization Tools

2 – 3pm    Disciplinary research resources to enhance research assignments for  students.

2 – 3pm  3D Scanning and Printing.

2 – 3pm Summer research open house